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5370 Schaefer Ave., Suite H

Chino CA, 91710

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Click the above “Class Schedule” tab To Access Our Weekly Class Schedule! For Special Pricing, please visit our Studio !   Cheers to You!

Create Fitness and Wellness with Yoga 

Would you like to improve your overall fitness and well-being?


Would you like to increase your flexibility, strength and ability to relax with a focused mind?


With ancient roots in India, the art of yoga has changed the lives of millions of individuals over thousands of years. Yoga has evolved to give men and women a set of breathing techniques and physical postures that will enable you to reach your flexibility and muscle strengthening goals.


The benefits of practicing Yoga don’t stay only on the mat, they’ll extend in to all areas of your life by providing you with an ever increasing level of personal awareness and social mindfulness about your place on this blue planet. These two benefits are critical for your physical well-being and happiness. By integrating the body, mind and spirit through yoga you’ll build a sense of satisfaction concerning the path that life has taken you, as you become amazingly fit for the next chapter of your journey.


Derek Black Yoga will provide you with a path that will challenge your body physically as your mind grows in the knowledge of how to create a healthy Self.


We’re located inside the DNJ Fitness Center near the corner of Schaeffer Avenue and Central in Chino. The address is 5370 Schaeffer Ave, Suite H, Chino, CA 91710. You can call us at (909) 529 – 2214.